Next Generation
Project Management Suite
for Content Teams

MEsuite is the administrative hub for content teams to plan and schedule productions, store media, manage your contracts, and more, all within a centralized platform.

What We Do


Centralize production and delivery schedules, contact lists, documents and media files in a unified software suite built to help organize content teams.


Easily work across different time zones and locations with dedicated project management software built for crew collaboration.


Data flows seamlessly across all phases of production and throughout each MEsuite product, enabling artificial intelligence to execute and automate tedious tasks.


Delivering the paperwork for a show, which has thousands of third party assets, used to take days of work. By utilizing DeliverME, the work is reduced from days to mere minutes.—Richard Perry
Head of Production, MadLab Entertainment

“Overall, DirectME has been an incredible asset to our production workflow, and I can’t imagine going back to the other options. It’s worth giving it a try and auditioning it for your next project.”
—Jon Michael Ryan
Executive Producer, Hey Retriever

“Using the AI Facial Recognition of DeliverME has made our post production process much more efficient. Once the system has identified who has and has not been released, we are one button away from downloading our Network Specific Deliverables instantly!” —Samantha Lawyer
Post AP, Summer House

“Both our clients and our producers have come to value the ability to allow clients to view real time camera feeds seamlessly wherever they are on any device that can generate a browser link.”—Michael May
Director of Production, Vice

The MEsuite Platform

 MEsuite is an end-to-end software platform built to help video, audio and photography teams manage their content projects. Flexible and powerful, MEsuite offers the tools creators and teams need to create and deliver amazing content.

Production Management tools for video, audio and photography teams included with every project.

Create Custom Call Sheets

Plan your productions with the Schedule Builder

Store your documents in one place with the Document Manager

Formerly ReleaseME. The ultimate contract management software for content teams.

Create deal memos, custom release forms and other contracts fast.

Deploy releases via QR-codes or email contracts directly to people.

Tag, organize, and store signed releases.

AI-powered post-production rights and clearance automation software.

Generate deliverable documents instantly.

Track releases via facial recognition.

Automate graphic cue sheets.


All your media, stored, organized, and easily sharable with anyone in the world.

Transfer and store media by project.

Let AI transcribe content with timecode accuracy.

First 50GB FREE of charge!

Remote video streaming for TV, commercials and branded entertainment productions.

Reduce carbon and production footprint.

Seamlessly integrates with post production process.

Automatically transcribe and log footage as it is filmed.

Organize and track expenses for any production.

Realtime receipt tracking.

Download expense reports.

Snap a photo and let AI do the rest.

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Flex Pricing

Each month you receive 100 minutes of included DeliverME processing time. If you go over 100 minutes in any given month, you will be charged a per minute fee as listed below.

The more you upload, the more you save.

Monthly Upload MinutesPrice/Minute

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds 100 signed documents, your monthly bill will be based on the number of signed documents stored in the project.

The more you use SignME, the more you save.

Signed DocumentsFlex Monthly Price

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds the 250GB included in your plan, you’ll be charged a monthly fee based on the amount of GBs in the project.

The more you upload, the more you save.

Storage (GB)Flex Monthly Price
501GB – 1TB$399

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds the 25 monthly streaming hours, you’ll be billed based on which hourly tier you land in.

Monthly Streaming HoursFlex Price

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