ReleaseME is Rebranding to SignME

Upgraded contract management with flexible builder

ReleaseME is rebranding to SignME

We are delighted to announce that ReleaseME is changing its name to SignME. 

Why the name change? 

Originally ReleaseME was built for a nuanced use case, which was to help production teams create, deploy and secure releases for video, audio and photography projects. Over time, we’ve noticed that many of our users started creating different types of contracts including Deal Memo’s, NDAs and even client contracts. 

Because the previous version couldn’t exactly give users what they need, users were forced to retrofit their forms and contracts into the ReleaseME format and structure. As a customer centric company, we could not accept this. So, the MEsuite team decided to rebuild the entire ReleaseME platform from scratch. 

The result is a reimagined product that offers way more than releases. Our new product gives users complete control, enabling them to customize the contract or form in whatever way their document requires. Combining the new contract builder with MEsuite’s document manager and you have much more than a release management system, you have the industry’s first contract management system. 

With power like this, only one name made sense…SignME! 

Are there any major changes with SignME? 

There are 2 main changes with SignME. The first is flexibility. SignME now offers a brand new contract builder that enables you to build ANY contract or form you need for your project. The second change is ease of use. Let’s be honest, ReleaseME was a bit clunky and hard to use. With SignME, we’ve solved that. Now, you’ll find a contract builder that is more similar to other cloud based contract systems you have used, BUT also offers the nuance content companies require.  

Upon entering SignME, you will see the same list page as previously containing all the contracts and releases you created. However, when you press the + icon to create a new contract, you will see a brand new and improved contract builder.

Where do I find SignME? 

SignME is located exactly where ReleaseME was in the product. If you look in the left side bar you will see SignME. SignME even shares ReleaseME’s same green square. 

Will my previously created release forms and contracts still work? 

Yes. We’ve ensured that your current releases will work. That said, moving forward, due to the more advanced custom contract builder, you will not be able to edit or duplicate any legacy templates in your project.  

What about my QR codes which I’ve already deployed? 

Yes. Your QR codes will continue to work. 

If I need help with SignME, where can I go? 

If you need help, your first resource should be to go to the MEsuite Academy located here. You can also reach out to support by emailing Lastly, if you want to book a meeting for a demo, feel free to click the following link and select a time on the calendar with the MEsuite customer success team: Book a meeting with Customer Success.

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