Easily Track and Organize Expenses for Every Project.

With PayME, managing the expenses of crews all over the world is easy. Simply take a photo of a receipt and ExpenseME extracts critical information and organizes spending by project, so you can easily stay on top of every production expense.


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Mobile App

With the MEsuite mobile app, even if your team is off the grid your expense data is securely stored and organized.

Real-Time Expense Tracking

PayME’s AI extracts receipt information and organizes the expense data, giving you instant visibility on all your expenses. 

Downloadable Reports

Download each expense report as a CSV file and seamlessly import it into other accounting software.

Create Chart of Accounts

Assign each receipt to a budget line by accessing your chart of accounts. Search expenses based on your chart of accounts.

Review and Approve Receipts

With PayME, team leaders can review, approve and digitally sign each receipt. Quickly see who approved the receipt and when it was approved. 

Add Notes to Receipts

With the ability to add notes to each receipt, you will always know what you’re spending money on where your expenses are going.

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Everything You Need in One Place!

PayME ensures that all your expense data is in one location and easily accessible by key team members. Add in extra functionality via MEsuite’s integrated product offerings, and PayME offers automation and functionality unmatched by other content project management solutions.

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Flex Pricing

Each month you receive 100 minutes of included DeliverME processing time. If you go over 100 minutes in any given month, you will be charged a per minute fee as listed below.

The more you upload, the more you save.

Monthly Upload MinutesPrice/Minute

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds 100 signed documents, your monthly bill will be based on the number of signed documents stored in the project.

The more you use SignME, the more you save.

Signed DocumentsFlex Monthly Price

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds the 250GB included in your plan, you’ll be charged a monthly fee based on the amount of GBs in the project.

The more you upload, the more you save.

Storage (GB)Flex Monthly Price
501GB – 1TB$399

Flex Pricing

Once the project exceeds the 25 monthly streaming hours, you’ll be billed based on which hourly tier you land in.

Monthly Streaming HoursFlex Price

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