Deliverables Don’t Have to be so Costly and Frustrating.

Reduces wrap weeks by automating all paper deliverables. Import your releases, upload your video, and DeliverME does the rest!

  • Automates Music Cue Sheets.
  • Extracts Text Graphics and Subtitles.
  • Matches Contract Data with People, Places and Logos that appear in the video.


See why DeliverME is changing the landscape of remote creation with these advanced features

Reduce Post Production Costs

Increase your profit margins by decreasing costs associated with performing unnecessary manual tasks.

Reduce Wrap Weeks

Instead of spending weeks preparing deliverable documents, BiGGiE prepares deliverable documents in hours.

Free Up Your Staff

Have your team focus on high value work, not repetitive tasks that a computer should do.

Easy Uploading

Simply import your releases, your episode and corresponding EDLs, and BiG’s AI bot, BiGGiE, does the rest.

Accurate AI Analysis

You have enough work to do. Let BiGGiE analyze every contract, every frame of video and generate reports.

Downloadable Reports

Download client-specific reports, including Production Elements Logs, Graphic / Music Cue sheets, and more!

The  Network

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Automate Deliverables Using AI

Simply upload your cut and DeliverME’s artificial intelligent bot, BiGGiE, does the rest. Leveraging image recognition, BiGGiE matches people, places and things appearing in the video with contracts in the release database, and generates reports (Production Elements Log, Graphics Cue List, etc). BiGGiE can even flag when releases are missing.

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