The Industry’s Most Powerful Virtual Video Village Solution.

DirectME is the first virtual video village system that combines HD live streaming with a proprietary video conference and chat messaging system. Watch multicam HD feeds; speak with clients, cast and crew; and prep footage for post with frame accurate logging and automated transcriptions.


See why DirectME is changing the landscape of remote creation with these advanced features

Supports up to 16 HD Cameras

DirectME specializes in capturing and transmitting multicam HD feeds. Up to 16 camera angles can be distributed in High Definition.

Switch Camera Angles

With DirectME’s built in switcher, you choose which camera angle you want to see full screen.

Browser Accessible

Clients don’t have to download anything. Send out a DirectME link and both Mac and PC based clients can access via modern browsers.

Instant Breakout Rooms

Need to have a private conversation? Or want clients in a separate video conference room? With DirectME users can create as many private rooms as they need.

Timecode Accurate Logging

Get ahead of post by logging videos during the stream. Like or dislike moments, add comments, and after the shoot download frame accurate TXT file for the edit.

Live Chat

From shoots in the Philippines to the deserts in California and everywhere in between, we can assist in streaming anywhere your shoot is.

The  Network

DirectME is proudly used by partners like…

Always be on Set with DirectME

DirectME is the first private live streaming tool meant to ensure you never miss an important shoot. DirectME’s private live streaming platform allows creative managers to be on every set, watch every camera angle, and collaborate with every crew in real-time. DirectME enables real-time collaboration across locations, ensuring quality in spite of budget restraints and or unexpected events that keep executives from traveling.

  Click video to see how DirectME works!

Up and Running in 3 Easy Steps…

Plug a DirectME approved Video Encoder into camera or monitor; or download the ME Suite app and press DirectME.

Start the private live stream, which can only be accessed by invited team members.

Live chat with crew, rewrite lines, and even log takes for the edit.

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