What Is a Minor Release Form and When Do You Need One?

Protect your production team from legal liability by having parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form.

The term “minor” in a minor release form in the video production industry refers to any person under legal age, and thus must be provided with extra protection and care. These minors will need signed permission from their legal guardians for them to be involved in any form of video production. This permission is known as a Minor Release Form.

What Is a Minor Release Form?

A minor release form is a type of appearance or talent release form that grants permission for people under legal age to engage in activities filmed for a video production project. The form ensures that the person is correctly identified and that their rights and safety are preserved.

Minor release forms have a guardian clause that states that the guardian is giving permission for the minor with the name given below to appear on the video. It is also a way of protecting the production company from possible legal liability. The younger the person, the more sensitive the situation is.

When Do You Need a Minor Release Form?

A Minor Release Form is required any time a subject under the age of 18 appears in a video production. The form should be filled out and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the minor, granting permission for them to participate in the production.

What Information Should Be Included in a Minor Release Form?

A minor release form should include the following information:

  • The name and address of the person appearing
  • The name and address of the producer
  • The title and description of the production
  • The duration of the use of the person’s likeness or voice
  • The compensation, if any, for the person
  • The rights granted to the producer
  • The limitations on the use of the person’s likeness or voice
  • The signatures of the person appearing

Where Can I Find a Minor Release Form Template?

If you’re in need of a minor release form, there are plenty of options out there for you. Searching the web will bring up a multitude of templates – from free and ready-made to ones requiring an investment. Regardless of what you choose, make sure it meets all legal requirements and covers all the critical information you need to keep your children safe.

Get the Best Release Management System in the Market

Streamlining the signing process of legal documents, such as minor release forms, can be a crucial part of successful video production. ReleaseME by MEsuite is an innovative release management software that provides the perfect solution for this.

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