How A Release Management System Can Keep a Production Company Organized

ReleaseME by MEsuite is the best release management system in the market.

Managing rights and clearances for a production company can be long and stressful. Without a release management system, production companies rely entirely on manual procedures, which slow down production and post-production, resulting in decreased productivity and increased costs. What Is a Release Management System? Release management systems allow production companies to streamline and manage their […]

What to Include in a Video Release Form

There are multiple types of video release forms that you will need in a single video production and ReleaseME by MEsuite can help you stay organized.

A video release form is vital in video production because it protects production companies and content creators from getting sued by the subjects in the video and any location owners or owners of any acquired audio and video files you inserted into the video. There are various types of releases, and missing any of them […]