What to Include in a Video Release Form

There are multiple types of video release forms that you will need in a single video production and ReleaseME by MEsuite can help you stay organized.

A video release form is vital in video production because it protects production companies and content creators from getting sued by the subjects in the video and any location owners or owners of any acquired audio and video files you inserted into the video. There are various types of releases, and missing any of them could lead to legal issues.

In this article, we will be using appearance releases as examples. However, various other types of release forms should be considered in production:

  • Appearance Release
  • Location Release
  • Material Release
  • Archive Release
  • Stock image/video release
  • Music Release
  • Medical Release
  • Minor Release

The Basics of a Video Release Form

Imagine you are a producer. You are shooting a video for a client, and several individuals will be appearing in the video. In this example, you would need to get an appearance release signed by each individual appearing in the video before recording the video. You could use their image without permission. But if individuals do not want their image used in the video, they could sue you for damages.

Other release form types work similarly. The types of video releases needed will depend on the project, the people involved, and the locations or materials being used. The key is for the parties to preferably agree to the terms of the release before the footage is shot.

A Location Release form, as another example, would allow you to shoot in a person’s home or business. On the other hand, Stock Image/Video Release form covers permission to use footage from commercial stock libraries. Some projects might require people to sign only one of them, and some others may require both types of release forms signed.

What Information Should Be Included in a Video Release Form?

While every type of release will require slightly different information, below is the typical information included for a standard appearance release form:

  • The name and contact information of the videographer and the subject
  • The date and location of the video shoot
  • A description of the video footage
  • The purpose for which the video footage will be used
  • The duration of the release
  • The rights that are being granted to the videographer
  • The rights that are being retained by the subject

Tips for creating a video release form

  • Use clear and concise language – The video release form should be easy to understand for both the videographer and the subject.
  • Avoid jargon or legal terms – Jargon and legal terms can be confusing and may make the video release form challenging to understand and, thus, more complicated to get the subject to sign.
  • Keep a copy of the signed release form for your records – It is essential to keep a copy of the signed release form in case of a legal dispute.

Who Should Sign a Video Release Form?

  • Anyone who appears in your video.
  • Parents of any minor that appears in your video.
  • Anyone who owns anything that appears on your video.

Tips for getting a release form signed

  • Be clear and upfront.
  • Ensure the person understands.
  • Have the release forms ready to sign.

Where Can I Find a Video Release Form Template?

Video release form templates can be found online but are nothing without a good release management system. ReleaseME by MEsuite is a release management software that offers a solution for production companies looking to streamline their release signing processes.

Benefits of using the ReleaseME release management software

  • Legal compliance – ReleaseME is a legally-compliant platform that ensures that all release forms are valid and enforceable.
  • Secure database storage – ReleaseME provides secure database storage for all release forms, which protects them from unauthorized access.
  • Easy-to-use QR code system – ReleaseME uses an easy-to-use QR code system that makes it quick and easy for subjects to sign release forms.
  • Time savings – ReleaseME can save production companies time and hassle by streamlining the release signing process.
  • Cost savings – ReleaseME can save production companies money by reducing the need to process release forms manually.

Sign up free with MEsuite basics today to streamline your release management process!

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