How A Release Management System Can Keep a Production Company Organized

ReleaseME by MEsuite is the best release management system in the market.

Managing rights and clearances for a production company can be long and stressful. Without a release management system, production companies rely entirely on manual procedures, which slow down production and post-production, resulting in decreased productivity and increased costs.

What Is a Release Management System?

Release management systems allow production companies to streamline and manage their rights and clearance process more efficiently. This system can automate, track, and monitor release signing processes and is particularly helpful for planning and coordinating large video productions.

How Does a Release Management System Work?

  1. It helps the production company create the release contracts that they need to get signed.
  2. It handles any release required for a particular video project.
  3. It enables production teams to get releases signed efficiently.
  4. It stores the releases so they are organized.
  5. It allows team members to sub-organize signed releases.
  6. It enables team members to download reports based on the releases stored on the release management system.

The Benefits of Using a Release Management System

  • Security and privacy – The system stores documents in a secure form or server.
  • Streamlined process and documentation – The system eliminates manual tracking or paperwork.
  • Efficiency – It makes securing, managing, and organizing releases more efficient.
  • Improved collaboration – Production team members can easily communicate, view and track progress.
  • Defined roles – You can assign tasks to specific personnel to ensure they are completed on time.
  • Improved rights and clearance compliance – Each step of the process is documented for easy audit if needed.

How to Implement a Release Management System

  • Identify what type of project you are working on – ask yourself what type of project this is and what release challenges you might face. Will the video have a lot of people appearing in the video? Will you need to acquire a lot of stock library or archive footage? 
  • Identify the project’s scope – Identify the video project’s size and how many releases you will need to get signed. Additionally, assess whether you will be in public venues that are out of your control or if you will have control over every location. 
  • Select the release management system – Choose a system that meets the project’s needs, such as scalability, flexibility, security, and cost.
  • Set up the system – Input the necessary information, such as crew members’ contact info, production filming and delivery due dates, and all release documents. 
  • Train the team – Make sure your team understands how to use the system and get the maximum benefit from it.
  • Monitor and track progress – During production, you want to monitor and track if all releases are being secured, as securing releases in post-production is more complicated.
  • Address any issues – Address any problems during production. Don’t wait until post-production to find out you’re missing something.
  • Review – Before turning in the video to your client or posting your video, ensure you have documented all secured releases on a spreadsheet as proof.

What is a good example of a high-quality release management system?

ReleaseME by MEsuite is a top digital release form product used by the media and entertainment industry. The platform provides a secure, legal, and compliant way to store and share video releases with external parties and partners. It also helps streamline the release process, reduce time to market, and ensure legal protection for videos.

Its features include: 

  • An innovative QR code system linked to a digital form where people can sign their releases and upload their photos
  • A digital database for managing and tracking the progress of release form signings.
  • Automated smart tag labeling.
  • Post-production integration.
  • Dynamic mass releasing.

Enjoy the Advantages of a Release Management System Today!

Release management systems can help production companies stay organized and efficient. By using a release management system, companies can improve communication, reduce errors, and save time and money.

MEsuite offers the ideal solution for production companies looking to streamline their release signing processes. Our innovative ReleaseME system provides a legally-compliant platform for digital release forms, secure database storage, and an easy-to-use QR code system. With ReleaseME, video productions can be completed and released on time.Sign up free with MEsuite basics today and get started with your new release management system!

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