What Is a Hazardous Activity Release Form?

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In the video production industry, “hazardous activity” refers to activities that carry a potential risk of harm, injury, or even death. These activities include stunts, operating special/heavy equipment, using explosives or fireworks, and other potentially dangerous activities present during video production. 

Hazardous Activity Release Forms

All parties involved in the activity must sign a hazardous activity release form. This legally binds the document before the shoot commences. The release document is a short document that outlines the parties involved and the details of the activity. Also, all possible risks and various other legal details.

It is commonly used in reality shows where individuals are participating in activities that could potentially put them in harm’s way. Some production companies require individuals to sign a form if they will be appearing on camera and receiving a tattoo.

When Do You Need a Hazardous Activity Release Form?

The hazardous activity release form must be used every time a hazardous activity is about to take place. This includes stunt work, operating heavy machinery, or using explosives or fireworks. The form also protects the production company if anything goes wrong during the shoot.

Hazardous activity releases are used for various types of video projects, and here are a few examples:

  • Reality competition shows where contestants may take part in high-stakes physical challenges
  • Action movies involving stunt work, explosions, and other hazardous activities
  • Sports documentaries showing dangerous stunts and acrobatic activities
  • Travel documentaries involving risky environments, such as roller coasters
  • Documentaries chronicling extreme sports such as skydiving
  • Music videos featuring stunt work, fire, and other hazardous activities
  • Animal documentaries featuring encounters with wild animals
  • Extreme weather documentaries tracking tornadoes, floods, and other hazardous weather phenomena
  • Horror movies or thrillers involving stunts and hazardous activities
  • Nature or science documentaries involving hazardous activities or explorations

What Information Should Be Included in a Hazardous Activity Release Form?

A hazardous activity release form should include the following information:

  • The name and address of the person
  • The name and address of the producer
  • The title and description of the production
  • The rights granted to the producer
  • The signatures of the person appearing

Where Can I Find a Hazardous Activity Release Form Template?

Typically, a lawyer or entertainment attorney specializing in video production drafts a hazardous activity release form. However, there are a variety of free templates available online. When selecting a release form for a dangerous activity, ensure that it adequately addresses the risks associated with that specific activity. It is important to note that different forms may vary depending on the nature of the activity.

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Companies can minimize their legal risk by adopting a comprehensive system for requesting release form signatures, particularly for hazardous activities. It is vital to secure release forms before undertaking any hazardous activity. A release management system enables companies to manage these forms effectively and keep track of them.

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