What Is a Freelancer Contract in Video Production?

MEsuite's ReleaseME is the best system to keep your freelancer contracts in order.

When it comes to getting a freelancer contract signed in the video production industry, speed is essential. Managers need to find the right independent contractors quickly to meet tight timelines. This can be overwhelming, but it’s also essential for successful video production. A freelancer contract should cover the rate of pay, the length of the […]

What Is a Deal Memo?

ReleaseME is the perfect software to organize your deal memos.

A Deal Memo is a standard document used by production companies to hire freelancers and independent contractors. It outlines the duties of both parties in a project, including details such as: The Benefits of Having a Deal Memo Having a deal memo is a vital and standard practice in video production, so a freelancer shouldn’t […]

What Is a Hazardous Activity Release Form?

MEsuite's ReleaseME can help you organize all hazardous activity release forms.

In the video production industry, “hazardous activity” refers to activities that carry a potential risk of harm, injury, or even death. These activities include stunts, operating special/heavy equipment, using explosives or fireworks, and other potentially dangerous activities present during video production.  Hazardous Activity Release Forms All parties involved in the activity must sign a hazardous […]

Simple Release Form Template Options

MEsuite can help you organize your release forms.

If you are a photographer, videographer, or any other professional who captures images or videos of people, you need to have a release form signed by the subjects appearing in your project. A release form is a legal document that permits you to use and distribute your captured images or videos. Creating a release form […]

The Rights and Clearances Process in Video Production

MEsuite can help you streamline the rights and clearances process in video production.

In video production, rights and clearances are crucial to ensure proper permissions for all video elements. Television production is typically associated with it. However, it is also becoming increasingly important for other types of content, such as branded entertainment, podcasts, and user-generated content. What Is the Rights and Clearances Process? Rights and clearances involve obtaining […]

Rights and Clearances in Video Production

MEsuite can help you figure out rights and clearances in video production.

Ensuring proper permissions for everything in video production is vital. Also, rights and clearances play a crucial role in achieving this. It’s not just for TV shows but also other types of content like branded entertainment and podcasts. Challenges in the Rights and Clearances Process The rights and clearances process can be complex and time-consuming. […]

The Best Free Release Form Systems for Video Production

MEsuite is an excellent option when it comes to release management systems for video production.

Without a system to manage releases, legal issues, copyright problems, and harm to the production’s reputation are possible. Now, video production companies and filmmakers have free release form systems to protect themselves legally when using someone’s likeness without permission.  What Is a Release Management System? A release form system is a way to create, collect […]